7 kwietnia 2020



Poland: Pedagogical University of Cracow

The Pedagogical University of Cracow founded in 1946 is nowadays the largest and one of the oldest pedagogical universities in Poland. It has long been prized for a well-deserved reputation. The achievements of numerous generations of the teaching staff and students (over 150 thousand graduates), as well as the efforts of the employees, who want to continue modern education responding to the challenges of the twenty-first century, as well as cooperation with the renowned academic institutions in Europe, have formed the present University. Since its foundation, the university has been constantly expanding its educational offer, making it more attractive to meet the interests and needs of young people and  the current needs of the society.

See website: http://www.up.krakow.pl



Italy: ART-ER – Societa Consortile Per Azioni

ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory is the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that was born from the merger of ASTER and ERVET, with the purpose to foster the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalisation of the region system. Its partners are the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, the six Universities and the National Research Centres located in the region, the Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce, working in collaboration with regional Business Associations and Innovation Centres. ARTER’s Research and Innovation Division focuses on human capital employability in innovation, research and technology transfer, by empowering competences of young people and fostering synergies with businesses.

See website: http://www.art-er.it

North Macedonia: Organization for Social Innovation „ARNO”


ARNO is an organization for Social Innovation established in the Macedonian civil landscape in 2013 with the special mission of development and implementation of social innovation and promotion of new options and contemporary approaches for social  change. As the socially innovative organization ARNO has conducted several projects and social initiatives that highlight its commitment, readiness, and ability to innovate to respond to social problems. Immediately after it’s the very first project the Organization became recognized as a groundbreaking leader in the field of Social Entrepreneurship and national resource for knowledge and inspiration in the field of Responsible Entrepreneurship.

See website: http://www.arno.org.mk

Jordan: Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development


Desert Bloom is a nonprofit organization based in Jordan dedicated to unleashing people’s potential to contribute to the world’s peace and sustainability. It reinforces global competencies and universal morality to prepare people for an inclusive and sustainable world. Also, it develops community and youth capacity to enable people to take greater control of their own lives and to actively engage in confronting economic, political, social and environmental challenges. Desert Bloom is very active in youth and community empowerment including economic and social empowerment and capacity development.

See website: http://www.dbjo.org